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Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it

In Our Collection you will find some of the Rare & Unique Gemstones from South East Africa

Mount Malosa Smokey Quartz (1022g)
  • Mount Malosa Smokey Quartz (1022g)

    This Absolute Wonder Of Nature of a Specimen, Mainly Smokey Quartz on Feldspar but the Smokey Quartz is included with Grey-Blue Riebeckite hairs on the crowns of the smokey quartz where also Cubic Pyrite Crystals lay imbedded on the Riebeckite inside the Smokey Quartz crysals. Other Minerals include Aegerine and Fergusoite and this piece weighs 1022 grams

    • Stone Information

      Gemstones: Smokey Quartz

      Origin: Malawi (Mount Malosa)

      Weight:  1022 grams

      Treatment: None

      Color: Black, White, Honey brown, Green, Maroon & Yellow

      Shape: Crystal Cluster

      Inclusions: Riebeckite hairs, Pyrite

      Dimensions (mm): 110x100x100

    • Return & Refund

      We at AF Gemstones, are confident you'll fall in love with your recent purchase, we do however entertain a 14 Day Return back policy on our gemstones if youre not satisfied with each purchase.