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Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it

In Our Collection you will find some of the Rare & Unique Gemstones from South East Africa

Mount Malosa Smokey Quartz (603g)
  • Mount Malosa Smokey Quartz (603g)

    This Beautiful specimen of Smokey Quartz on Feldspar and a beautiful and rare Tubular inclusion of Pyrite through the upper half of the Large Crystal which is also twinned. It weighs 604 grams. All crystals showcase excellent Termination.

    • Stone Information

      Gemstones: Smokey Quartz

      Origin: Malawi (Mount Malosa)

      Weight:  604 grams

      Treatment: None

      Color: Black, White, Honey brown

      Shape: Crystal Cluster

      Inclusions: Pyrite

      Dimensions (mm): 130x100x81

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